Our Services

Wise Inventions Inc. offers the following business services

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We make it our business to stay on top of emerging advancements in AI - we work with our clients to offer some of the latest AI technology to deliver customized but practical platforms. Using existing algorithms and models, our team is ready to allow your systems to 'learn' how to do new things in response to the increased amounts of data being worked with.

Data Analysis & Data Management

Our data reporting solutions will enable you to organize and manage your data as collected in the enterprise application, allowing you amongst others to visualize, analyze and share insights about your business. This is done through customized dashboards allowing business to track key performance indicators.

Backend API Development

Whether you are designing new tools and products or managing existing ones, our team will work with you to expose your existing database to be consumed by other systems and mobile platforms by building APIs and in turn allowing 3rd party companies to expose their functionality to yours.

Business Process Re-Engineering

We offer superior solution for your business re-engineering initiatives to allow for efficient and effective operations with an improved bottom-line and balance sheet. Our BPR expertise spreads across all major business operations, including Finance, HR, I.T and Procurement.

Enterprise Applications

We collaborate with our clients to explore and choose valuable ERP systems for their industry or field. Designing and developing these applications to satisfy your differing requirements across multiple platforms, our solutions are built to optimize critical business processes and functions including inventory management, CRM, accounting, HR, and more.

Mobile Applications

Our team is fully equipped to develop applications to allow customers to access client’s services via web or mobile (including iOS, Android). Using tried and tested development processes, the development team will bring your product to life giving your customers the convenience of portable service & information, portable tools, and portable fun in the palm of their hands.